Resident Life

Resident Social Events

Annual White Sox Game and Spring Fling

Residency-wide parties!

Off-Service Dinners

Residents and attendings unwind together after two weeks on service!

Celebratory End-of-Year Boat Parties

PGY-3 Fall Bonfire

“Being an intern in internal medicine was a busy and challenging year, but I certainly learned a lot. I was also able to meet and work with amazing cointerns and make some incredible lifelong friends.” – Mike Z., Prelim 2020

Things to Do in Chicago

Dining and Nightlife

Known as one of the best food cities in the country – fine dining plus a huge range of international cuisines!

Cultural Hub

Endless supply of museums, symphonies/operas, shows, concerts. Every resident receives a yearly ticket fund!

Street Festivals

Near-daily events with food vendors, live music, and local art lining streets of various neighborhoods throughout the summer.


Lake Michigan and Endless Green Space

“One of my favorite parts about living in Chicago is the easy access to the city’s beautiful lakeshore trail. The trail spans over 18 miles and is a great resource for any runners, bikers, walkers, roller bladers, etc. There are an unlimited number of stunning views of both the city and Lake Michigan, and is surrounded predominantly by trees, parks, fields, and sandy beaches.” – Kevin P., Class of 2023


Sports Haven

Professional teams of all sports, plus opportunities to stay active with intramural leagues.

“There are lots of opportunities for intramural sports (soccer, volleyball, and more), and I loved playing on teams with my co-residents. It helped me stay active, de-stress, and hang out with friends outside of work!” – Okker V., Prelim 2022


Easy to Get Around

Residents get around by car, bus, shuttles, and trains!

“You cannot sleep on the Chicago food and bar scene. Want to break the bank for a nice steak on the Chicago river? Easy. Feeling authentic tacos out of a grocery store? Got that too. Scenic place to update the Insta prof pic? Plenty. Quaint French restaurant for romantic date night? Of course! I could go on. This city has it all!” – Olivia L., Class of 2023

Family Friendly Residency

 “As a mom of 2 toddlers I have found the UChicago IM Residency to be extremely supportive of residents and their families! They are advocates in leadership throughout the program supporting residents through their pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and parenting journey. We are also so fortunate to have the greater Hyde Park community encompassing the hospital system that has amazing schools, parks, museums, and childcare options!” – Molly P., Class of 2024

Where Residents Live


Hyde Park

Hyde Park

“Hyde Park has been a great neighborhood to live in due to its close proximity/commute to work, easy access to the lakefront, and its diverse community of people, cuisine, and arts! Its relative affordability compared to other Chicago neighborhoods was also a major perk!” – Varun S., Class of 2024

South Loop

South Loop

“Living in South Loop is the perfect distance for an easy commute and access to downtown, the lakefront, and visiting friends!” – Ashley L., Class of 2023

West Loop

West Loop

“Amazing neighborhood with great food and bars!” – Ankur S., Class of 2023

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