Career Development


2022 Residents brochure. (Photo by Jean Lachat)

LUCENT Primary Care

2-year multi-disciplinary program focused on primary care transformation in urban and underserved communities, which includes expanded ambulatory experience, faculty-mentored practice innovation projects, work in offsite community clinics, and more.



2-year medical education curriculum with collaborative learning and support from colleagues and faculty across multiple specialties. Participants will complete a faculty-mentored research project.


Global Health

Collaborate with the Center for Global Health (CGH) for a broad range of educational, research, and clinical opportunities including volunteering in local underserved communities. Participants may pursue opportunities for funded clinical rotations at sites both abroad and locally (Bolivia, Botswana, China, Cook County Jail, Rosebud Indian Reservation, Tanzania).

2022 Residents brochure. (Photo by Jean Lachat)

Women's Health and Gender-Based Care

This 2-year track providing additional clinical exposure to women’s health and gender-based care topics through clinical rotations and quarterly didactic session. Participants will complete a scholarly project involving women or gender-minorities with additional mentorship from track leadership. Suitable for residents interested in primary care or subspecialties.

“LUCENT allowed me to tailor my electives in a way few other programs would allow, building niche skills that helped me on the job market and in practice. My LUCENT mentorship was invaluable, and joining off-site clinics and seeing alternative clinic structures and patient populations informed what I looked for in a job after graduation.” – Julia N., Class of 2021

“Through the women’s health track I got to work in several clinics that I otherwise would not have been exposed to, and there was flexibility so I could choose to work certain providers again if I wanted to learn more. Thanks to the track I was also able to get signed off on Nexplanon and IUD insertions/removals before the end of residency which is important to my current work.” – Rachel F., Class of 2022

Research and Mentorship

Every resident receives a yearly educational stipend for academic conferences, study materials, etc. Residents also receive a travel stipend to attend conferences.

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Textbook Chapters

2022 Residents brochure. (Photo by Jean Lachat)

“My research experience at UChicago has been abundant in both the quantity and quality of opportunities for collaboration and production of meaningful literature to impact patients with hematologic malignancies. My mentors have encouraged me to develop a greater sense of ingenuity, curiosity, and determination to create and implement the skills needed for a lifelong career as an academic clinician.” – Hannah J., Class of 2024

Post Residency

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